Giant Vintage Star – Free Pattern

Hello my darlings! Look how beautiful this pattern that we are going to learn together. The Giant Vintage Star is a model that will shine in the environment. It is a very beautiful star, made with the combination of several different prints and colors. If you’re still not used to mixing prints, this is the opportunity to learn. To make this quilt, the designer chose to use all fabrics with flowery prints.

See how beautiful it looks? Sometimes we are afraid of finding too much print and that it won’t match, but this one was very beautiful. The chosen prints give that vintage look to the piece. Quilt patterns are very versatile. You can learn to make the same size or make changes to get the size you need.

In the photos you can see that the same pattern was used to make a pillow. Thus, it is perfect to complement the decoration of the environment. The quilts look beautiful, make our house tidy and cozy. You can use to decorate the bedroom, the living room, the balcony. No one can resist a quilt to snuggle up to during the day, whether reading a book or watching a movie.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: In Color Order

This model is very suitable for the baby’s room. You can do it with prints in pastel tones, it will also look beautiful. There are many ideas and ways to do it. As you change the fabrics, quilt just plain fabric or just prints, it looks like a new pattern. All instructions, how to make the giant vintage star and fabric suggestions are available in In Color Order.

We hope you like it and take the opportunity to create beautiful pieces from this one. We are sure that, with a little creativity, beautiful models will appear in your studio. Don’t forget to tell us what you think. Separate your materials, get your fabrics and let’s quilt!

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