Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet

Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet a piece inspired by the coat, in the current fashion it has brought a great prominence for women and completed several looks. There are several models of it, being of different choices, but all following a pattern, having its opening on the front, accompanied by zippers or buttons. This crochet piece is very beautiful and can be made very easily and with little material, which is great.

This is a very interesting piece, which can be combined with informal clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts, shorts. And whatever your creativity desires. The color is also at your discretion choose the ones that best match your wardrobe, so you can make several combinations.

Joker piece between the models can be used in the days of less intense cold and is a simpler option and that can be used in place of the blazer. This type of Cardigan is the most used in the days of less intense cold.

Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet
Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan CrochetBy: Lakshmi Ravi Narayan

Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet

DK (11 wpi) 

16 stitches = 10 cm

4.5 mm

550 – 660 yards (503 – 604 m)

This beautiful cardigan is perfect for the winter season when the coldest days happen. It is one more option to give a graceful touch to your look and an extra color in your wardrobe, helping you to put together new looks. Because it is a more classic style it is perfect for the work environment, leaving the woman always very elegant and charming. The perfect piece for the cold when there are many temperature variations and it is a style that is in high fashion.

Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet is perfect for wearing on warm days. And it can be done quickly because it is simple and with easy stitches. The detail is due to the incredible stitch that gives an extra charm to this piece of crochet. This raspberry blouse will be very useful to compose your look with several pieces with the skirt, jeans, dresses and leggings.

To be harmonious, combine it with the rest of the look in order to keep the silhouette in focus without looking bigger. The colors to make this piece can be chosen to match your clothes. Perfect for mid-season when the transition from heat to cold happens and you need a piece like this.

By: Lakshmi Ravi Narayan

A Little Opinion Of Our Team About The Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan

This Cardigan model is very beautiful and helps a lot when it comes to completing the look and keeping you warm, you will love making this beautiful piece and will love the result. You will be able to use this beautiful Cardigan with many of your clothes to put together amazing looks.

Want to make this beautiful Short Sleeve Lace Cardigan Crochet? Then separate the material to have everything ready and follow the tutorial carefully, that way you will be able to make this beautiful Cardigan without any problem and you can still use it as a piece for sale if you want.

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