Bee Block – Free Pattern

Hi dear colleagues, welcome to our craft world. Here at Crochet Loves you will find beautiful ideas, complete patterns and all instructions for different techniques. Yes, here you don’t find only crochet. We know that many people like to vary their techniques and today we want to remind you how good it is to quilt.

Bee Block is a beautiful pattern, and as the name says, it forms a bee at the end. A very cute and friendly bee, perfect for decorating the baby’s room. Even more so if the environment has a theme that matches this model. Here you can choose pastel shades, it turns out very delicate.

It’s worth remembering that in this pattern we have instructions for making a block, not the entire quilt. In the end you will have a block of approximately 33cm x 30.5cm, with the border. As it is a bee assembled from several cuts, I do not recommend trying to increase the measurements, it can be difficult to get all the cuts right.

Bee Block Pattern // Tildas World

This block size is perfect for making a beautiful pillow and changing the face of the decor. My tip to make the block a little bigger is to make the border bigger. This is the easiest way, believe me. To make this pattern you will need a solid fabric for the background, five print fabrics and white stranded embroidery cotton (floss) for antennae (if hand sewing).

You will notice, when reading the information, that the pattern is practically separated into two blocks. It repeats itself. So you will cut twice the same formats. Don’t forget to make the markings on the reverse side of the fabric. Before you start cutting, check all the cuts so you don’t have to stop and go back to the scissors. How about we start? Have a great weekend.

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