Cactus Star Block

What a cute quilt! Flow forms and their mixtures of tones form an explosion and fit perfectly in this large quilt. Quilted shapes from Cactus Star may look challenging, but our seam video and PDF will be tools and help you make these quilt blocks easier! You may look at a quilt like this and say, “OMG, how beautiful that combination is.” It may seem strange at first, but you will soon see that you can create it and you will not say again that you will never be able to create ” .

If that thought came up in your head or something, then I have a surprise for you: this quilt is made almost entirely of triangular bedspread units tidied up in a simple quilt of stars. We have created for this beauty to wear similar fabrics or look in your stock and get quilting! This site was created by a person of good heart and lover of quilt, and will make available all the information necessary to soon to become a professional craftswoman.

Learn how to do step by step patchwork video with artisan Patricia Washington teaching in detail and very attentive to following everything a beginner should do to get the World Patchwork. Best of all when you do not understand any part you can go back and review the video at any time, to be able to do and all this for free!

Step 1 – At the beginning of the first video, she will teach how to prepare the tissues.

Step 2 – Now we will learn how to calculate and execute the cut and also the technique known as blocks of nine patch.

Step 3 – In this video we will show you how to sew and an introduction of strip technique.

Step 4 – continuing with the strip technique now with cut and seam and just after the block.

Step 5 – Now is the time of the Perfect Triangle technique, and this part is taught in calculus, cutting and sewing.

Step 6 – Here you will learn how to make a pack of nine patches, joining the strip technique and the Perfect Triangle technique.

Step 7 – In this step will be taught to calculate, cut and sew the insertion of the four blocks made in the previous lessons.

Step 8 – It will now be taught that the layers do not move during the quilt.

Step 9 – You will be taught to align the quilt by removing everything and doing the right measurement. You will also be taught to do all the finishing.

Now that you have learned the quilt step by step and making your first few pieces discover my next tip that will help you seduce your customers. Patchwork landscapes.

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