Lone Starburst Paper

The quilt is not difficult to do, however it needs attention and care. To make quilt you will first need to choose the piece you want to embroider, and then separate the materials. Basically the materials are patchwork, thread and the piece that will embroider. You can use the imagination and make beautiful pieces and increase with sequins or sequins. It is very cool the result of the embroidered quilt, and it is sure to be very successful.

A good fabric is crucial to the end result of a quilt job. The quality of the chosen fabrics and the combination of colors are fundamental to the final result of the work, choose a good material and you will have a great result. 100% cotton fabrics are the best for such jobs. This type of fabric is easier for cutting, marking, sewing and ironing.

 Always try to buy cotton fabrics that do not shrink during washing, to avoid deformation at work, and, most important, to choose fabrics that do not fade to avoid staining other fabrics.


For the back of the job, choose a fabric of the same quality.
Before you start cutting the fabrics for assembling the work, wash all fabrics that will be used in water and mild soap.
With this process, if the fabric shrinks, this will happen before the work is started.
Make sure that none of the colors will fade by doing the following test:
Take a piece of white fabric, wrap it over the wet colored fabric and tighten to remove any excess water.
If the white fabric is stained, do not use colored fabric at work.
Allow to dry and wipe all fabrics before cutting. After doing the indicated procedures you can start your manual work, following the step by step of the tutorial available here in the blog you can make your quilt very easily. Just enter the link mentioned in the article and have access to your free standard.

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