Hampton Tote – Free Pattern

Hey guys, good to see you here. Welcome once again to Crochet Loves. If this is your first time here, get ready to find lots of amazing patterns. Creative models, some tutorials with videos, different techniques and a variety of items, ranging from decorative items to clothes for all occasions. If you already know our craft space, feel at home once again.

Today we want to show you the Hampton Tote, a very beautiful and extremely useful bag. You know when we’re going to spend the day at the beach and we start to gather everything we need and don’t know where to take it? With this bag it will be much easier to carry your things everywhere.

It is a simple model, a bag without divisions, but it has a pocket and very resistant straps. Remember that, as much as it is a bag made with quality materials, it is still a handcrafted item. You can carry some weight, but don’t abuse it. Reinforce the stitching of the handles if necessary and choose a more resistant material if necessary.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Windham  Fabrics

If this is your first experience with cutting and sewing, this bag has a very simple pattern and you will be able to finish it. Read the hampton tote pattern, sort out your materials, then get started. Take the opportunity to choose colorful, printed fabrics. I think it’s amazing. If you prefer more discreet fabrics, the more classic colors, black, gray, navy blue, are also beautiful.

We reached the end of another week and I hope you enjoyed everything we brought here. Is there any piece you haven’t learned yet and want to? Ask us here in the comments. We are always looking and talking to you. Soon you can find your pattern here. Have a great weekend everyone, bye-bye.

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