Crochet Blessing Blanket Pattern

Hey guys, welcome back to Crochet Loves. We are always here with new patterns, ideas that can inspire you to keep creating beautiful projects out there. I hope you feel comfortable here in our community, find what you need and don’t feel shy to ask your questions in the comments. So, let’s crochet?

It’s impossible not to be enchanted by patterns as delicate as baby items. And because they are such a big hit around here, we have no hesitation in sharing the Crochet Blessing Blanket. This model is synonymous with delicacy and you can use it on the most diverse occasions. In the pattern we have a white blanket, perfect to use in baptisms.

Have you noticed how the crochet blanket for babies is present in our memories? If I look back over a few years, I remember blankets that were made by me and others made for me. My mother has always crocheted and I’ve always had lots of clothes made with this technique, as well as very warm blankets.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Daisy Farm Crafts

That’s how I started too, seeing my mother with yarn and crochet hooks in hand. I hope to continue passing on this beautiful technique. For this pattern, the designer chose a more open stitch for the blanket, but with a uniform pattern and something simple with a scalloped border.

I always think it’s important to emphasize the importance of choosing yarn in these cases. Remember how sensitive babies are. Hypoallergenic, cotton, and very soft yarns are the best choices. The amount of yarn will depend on the size of the blanket. Following the number of stitches in the pattern, in the end you will have a blanket measuring approximately 22 x 22 inches. For this result, start with chain 89. Follow the rest of the steps available in Daisy Farm Crafts and have a beautiful Crochet Blessing Blanket.

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