DIY Zipper Tote Bag & Tray – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! We hope you are well, excited and eager to learn new patterns. We are very happy to see you here and to be able to share all this with you. Like us, I’m sure you love this moment of your day, craft time. Today we are going to make the DIY Zipper Tote Bag & Tray. This pattern is amazing, we’re sure you’ll want to start doing it.

We always have something that is out of place, and that’s normal. If you need an organizer for items you need to take with you, this is the pattern you were looking for. This zippered tote bag holds 3 trays for organizing things. You can fold the top part of the bag in to use it as an organizer pouch. There is a handle that is easy to move around by organizing cosmetics and sewing tools.

You can choose themed fabrics, which indicate what you are going to put in the organizer. Choose the fabric that you prefer, plain or printed fabrics, there are a multitude of options. You can reuse scraps that are left over from other projects, see the necessary measures and reuse what you can. The slightly trickier part of the pattern might be the zipper. But following the instructions and doing it calmly and carefully, we are sure you will be able to do this part too.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial:  Sewing Times

The finished measurements of this pouch are approximately 10¾″ (27cm W × 3⅝″ (9cm) H × 3⅝″ (9cm) D. DIY Zipper Tote Bag video tutorial is available at Sewing Times. think it’s important and only then start cutting and sewing. It’s always the best way to avoid mistakes. Learn the pattern the first time, it’s not a waste of time. You’ll see how it makes a difference.

Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments. You can make and gift dear friends or sell. It’s a very useful pattern, we’re sure everyone will love it. It’s always good to see you here, we hope we can inspire you to continue making your craft, such a beautiful and unique work. Shall we sew? Separate everything you need and good sewing!

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