Crochet blanket afghan with roses

The manual and craft technique that involves crochet square making is still used, and is an excellent way to earn extra income with work or even a way to decorate the house. The use of the play can happen in several ways, after all there are numerous possibilities for points and styles, and this allows the part to be a wildcard for different styles in decor. This edition is for there special!

This square in crochet, with very different flowers and dots. They serve as inspiration for you to create, from the recipes and charts, towels, cushion covers, table centerpieces, quilts, rugs and what else you want … Just join one square to another …

It’s not too ? So do not waste time: learn to do each of the ideas and give wings to your creativity!

When we are thinking about love, being able to create everything easier, everything that we put love in our hands will surely come out with more than special projects like this one.

This is easy to follow TUTORIAL CROCHET PATTERN with written instructions in English on video (US terms) completed with detailed pictures and diagrams, 15 sheets. And video tutorial.

The ‘list of used stitches’ is translated in Dutch, UK English, and Italian, French and German crochet terms. American crochet terms, with tutorial pictures showing the stitches row by row made it so much easier to work with the pattern even for the beginner.
If you know to crochet, make it! You will enjoy! 🙂

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