how to crochet in the round

One quiet summer night, I was sitting with my arms folded in front of the computer; I remember as it was yesterday, June 10, 2010. I had just received my salary and vacation time, had a little more money in my pocket than I needed, and I had the idea of ​​spending a little of it on Some entertainment. Hoping to find a website that would give me ideas to produce something like staying at home.

That’s how my life was enriched with a new activity that brought me incredible emotions and financial satisfaction! It is important to mention that until that moment, I knew nothing at all about crochet or knitting options but today with the help of some friends around the world I was able to set up a blogger that helped people and that it was also something that I liked then I created.

This space to put matters step by step to voices and today we have already reached more than a billion readers. I am very happy and today we are going to talk about a point that is making a difference in the year 2017?


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