Feather Leaf Block Tutorial

Post new, new stuff to you, I love it. Nowadays, it is already possible to find many varieties of products / projects made with hands with the techniques and standards. That’s why a lot of people are in this business and also buy decorations and even presents with patchwork or crochet patterns.

So, if you have the ability to do manual work, this is a great idea to undertake within your home and increase your family income.

We should always have patience, caring and dedication when doing the with the hands and until projects that are great as a harvest that takes time but is gratifying the result then compensates, but always with calm and starting of the smaller project to be able to make a bigger project later.

Instead of wanting to make a rug that is great for the room, choose to make a small piece with cheap fabrics.

To do a patchwork pattern project it does not take a lot of materials to get the job done, but here are some things that are essential like:
 – Circular cutter
 – Cutting base
 – Ruler for patchwork
 – Fabrics
 – Lines, pins
 – Pencils and scissors
 – Iron

This list is a help to you to make a basic patchwork kit. Below I leave you the step by step pdf of patchwork. I hope you like it as I did, so a carpet looks beautiful but nothing prevents you from making a quilt, table path, bags and cushions for example with this patchwork pattern, stay free and good job.

Pattern Free Tutorial PDF ☞  Feather Leaf Block Tutorial   


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