High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt – Free Pattern

Another week almost over and we are still here, together, learning a lot of beautiful things. The patterns range from crochet, our darling and versatile technique, to quilts, perfect for all environments. What if we combined the two handcraft techniques to make a wonderful quilt? The high tea crochet fusion quilt is just that, the junction of these two techniques that have our heart.

The union of the squares of fabrics that were the quilt, are on account of the crochet, with delicate stitches. This quilt is very special, you can see the delicacy of the piece. It makes any environment more charming. It is a more delicate piece and perhaps does not fulfill the role of warming up on the hottest days. Because it is more delicate, you can use it for decoration. It is perfect in the living room, on the sofa or in an armchair.

It matches the decor of the room, making the bed more cozy. Another idea is to use in the decoration of the baby’s room, to be part of the layette. Because it is so delicate, it already suits the little ones. You can use fabrics of decoration colors, with children’s themes. By mixing two techniques, you use some yarns and fabrics from other patterns. You won’t need a lot of yarn or fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fanny Lu Designs

It’s a great way to use up what’s left, making another wonderful piece. Stitches are sewn separately in each square and then joined with other crochet stitches. I always take with me a bag with a little yarn, from the project I’m doing, to enjoy the moments when I don’t have nothing elso to do. Whether in a waiting room, in a park, so you can relax and continue enjoying the moment.

The high tea crochet fusion quilt pattern is available from Fanny Lu Designs. There you will find the step by step, the crochet graphics and the video tutorial, so there is no doubt in this project. We hope you like this junction, we loved it. It’s great to see you here, and tomorrow, we’re going to learn another pattern together. Until then, let’s crochet and quilt!

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