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The kitchen first of all has to be functional, for a better work area. This functionality varies according to the footage and the profile of the owner, which should be analyzed under some aspects. Some people really like to cook, others don’t. In this post we will be able to see more about this subject and you will be able to make a beautiful Just Marvelous Quilt.

The family profile is also very important to be analyzed, so keep this in mind. Sometimes the resident is single, sometimes a couple without children and can also be a couple with children. Another important aspect is the residents’ routine. Have lunch and dinner at home and who usually prepares meals.

After all this analysis of the residents, we entered the layout functionality and the option between the conventional or American option. One is closed and the other is open to the living room and is usually separated by a counter or table, which is incredible.

The disadvantage of the American kitchen is that the smoke and the smell can go to the rest of the house and must also always be tidy, since it is not enough to close the door to hide the dishes that have not been washed, so remember that.

The advantages are many:

Amplitude, due to the fact that there are no divisions; Modernity, the house looks more modern, a trend that is much sought after today; Decoration, with good finishes, adds decorative value to the rest of the house; Lighting, the environment gains natural lighting in the room, which many times would not have; Social, this environment has a very positive social factor for residents who like to cook with friends and family.

The location of appliances and cabinets is very important, to generate better movement within your kitchen, which is always important. They must be very well planned where the refrigerator, stove, oven will be placed, whether it will be a conventional or electric cooktop or stove, washing sink, countertop, cabinets, microwave. The American kitchen can be separated from the living room by an island with only a counter, in reduced areas it becomes more difficult because there will be a loss of area.

This island can have the stove or the sink, and this island can serve as a counter with stools for small meals or for friends to sit and talk while the food is being prepared. Also, coming out of, you can come to the dining table, thus integrating the kitchen and the dining room as much as possible, giving plenty of scope to the two environments, which helps a lot.

The finishes become very important, the use of more sophisticated coatings, appliances in a more elegant line, such as stainless steel, the colors, the floor, everything, if well chosen, values ​​the whole house and makes it much more beautiful.

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