I Wish you a Merry Quilt-a-Long – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Weekend has finally arrived. It’s time to take time to rest and be close to the ones we love. But before I said, we have another amazing pattern to share with you. The I Wish You a Mery Quilt-a-Long is a very different pattern. As the name implies, it was made at Christmas time, and that’s why the design chose colors that recalled that time.

It is a slightly different piece and, in the pattern, you will notice that the pieces are not quilted but glued together. You will sew the details later, with thread colors that match the rest of the pattern. It’s a different way to create new designs and different patterns for your quilt. We are sure you will like this new shape, it is still a new manual craft technique.

If you have a little stamina when it comes to sewing, this might be the easiest way to start. In the pattern, you will find the step by step well described and with the images that will guide you and help you how to do it. Quilts are very versatile. You can make it the same size as the pattern, increase or decrease it to use as you see fit.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Connie Kresin.

With the colors it’s the same thing, you can use the same tones of the prints and make a themed quilt, for a special date. You can use scraps left over from another project and match them with new prints. The complete pattern is available from Connie Kresin. I Wish You a Merry Quilt-a-Long is really fun to make, we’re sure you’ll love it.

It doesn’t take long to make and you can take advantage of the weekend to separate the materials. Tell us what you think and what it was like to do. We are always happy to read feedbacks. Enjoy the weekend with you and next week we are here again with lots of beautiful crafts!

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