Baby Hat With Ears – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to start a new project? We are here to inspire you, show you new patterns that you can make to sell, to give as a gift or for your little ones. Today’s pattern is an idea for the little ones, the Baby Hat with Ears. It is a very beautiful piece, which complements the look of the little one and even makes him more comfortable. Warm and made just right, it doesn’t bother the baby, doesn’t squeeze the head or cause any discomfort. 

That’s the good thing about crochet, the pieces are very soft and malleable, they don’t restrict any movement of the baby. That’s why they are so sought after by mothers, to make the little one comfortable. Are you used to crocheting? This pattern is both for beginners and for those who already know better. Here we always encourage you to read the pattern, understand the stitches, test the stitches with yarns you already have. 

Only after a few tries, if you don’t succeed, it’s time to try an easier pattern and then go back to the same one. The crochet is simple to understand and therefore, every attempt is valid. You can combine the baby hat with ears with a scarf and a pair of crochet gloves. There’s no one who doesn’t fall in love with this beautiful and super warm combination. First of all, you need to separate the materials needed to make the cap. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Craft Blog

But don’t worry, it’s all very simple and if you already crochet, you probably already have it all on hand. You will need yarn, crochet hook, yarn needle and scissors. There are several types of yarn for crochet that vary both in color and thickness. For a crochet cap with more open stitches, choose lines of soft yarn, while for a more closed cap, like the one in the pattern, the ideal is to use thicker lines. 

The needles used also interfere with the final result of the piece. The softer, open-stitch look you get with larger needles, while smaller needles ensure pieces with tighter, tighter stitches. For those who are starting, the ideal is to use light colors that favor the visualization of the points. Now that we know all these important tips, let’s crochet? Accessing Craft Blog you will find all the instructions to crochet this piece.

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