Sunflower Wind Spinner – Crochet Pattern

Hi my loves! What a pleasure to see you again after a few weeks. How were things over there? Did you take the opportunity to make some of the patterns we brought you? Tell me in the comments. Hope to find you all well, excited to learn a new pattern with me. The Sunflower Wind Spinner is this decoration item that has gained several versions in the last few weeks. Of course, we couldn’t be left out, so we brought you this beautiful model. 

In addition to being a decorative item, it can be a great gift option. You can place it either outdoors, on the balcony, or near the window. The important thing is that it has a little wind to move it and show how beautiful the movement is. Even more when we put more than one color. The effect of the wind spinner looks beautiful. Choose vibrant colors, like the yellow in this pattern. It gets even more amazing when the day is sunny. 

Do it and then come back and tell us what you think. The technique is simple, the entire piece is crocheted. We separate two important tips that you should take into account when making your wind spinner. Add weight to the bottom: this is essential to keep the spinner vertical when it catches the wind. Use a very fine and durable thread, or even fishing line to tie the wind spinner to your chosen spot. The fine thread (or fishing line) will allow the spinner to spin more freely than yarn.

We separate the list of materials so you already know what you will need. But before you go shopping, look at the pattern a first time.

  • 100% cotton yarn (I used Lang Handarbeitsgarn for these sunflowers. You could also use Schachenmayr Catania) in these colors: (Black, Brown or Green), Orange & Yellow;
  • For this project, a 4.5 mm crochet hook;
  • The tapestry needle;
  • A pair of scissors.

Beads or any embellishment you’d like to add to your wind spinner. For this pattern I added the Sunflower Appliqué.

I know you must be tired of listening, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat some instructions. The crochet hook suggested here is the one recommended for the yarn chosen. Didn’t find this yarn, will you use another option? See the crochet hook that fits and let’s crochet. You can find the sunflower wind spinner in Ravelry. Read it a first time, separate the materials and let’s crochet. Did you like it? We want to know what you guys think. Leave your doubts, suggestions and opinion here in the comments. We will be very happy with your feedback.

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