DIY Basket Pin Cushion – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How is your week going? I hope to find you all well, excited to spend this day with us. Come learn new patterns, techniques and tips here. We seek to make our lives easier with items that help us in our daily lives. And the DIY Basket Pin Cushion is one of those items that comes to help us. Sewing tips and accessories for organizing offal are always very welcome in the universe of those who surrender to the charms of sewing. 

Among the organizing accessories most used by those who do not give up this activity, the pin cushion is at the top of the list, most often made with fabric scraps. Craftsmen who work with felt and fabric are the ones who use pins the most, right? This simple accessory is a facilitator when sewing, holds the pieces and leaves all the clippings in their place. 

The only problem is that the pins are quite small, so they are easily lost. In view of this, many artisans are forced to have a glass just for them, which even helps in the organization. But, let’s face it, this is not practical for those who sew. The biggest problem is when trying to catch them, it seems that we are on an impossible mission, not to mention that you run the risk of pricking your fingers. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: In Sewing Times

To change that once and for all, we brought an idea that every artisan will love. Especially those who like to venture into the universe of threads and fabrics. contributing to the organization. If you already do some sewing projects, or want to learn how to sew felt and fabric, it means that you are in dire need of a pincushion. Today you will see how to make a fabric pin holder step by step. And it’s not just a pin holder, you also have a space to leave the tape measure, the pen, the pencil. 

It’s wonderful because we know how these things disappear in the middle of the fabrics. In addition to being useful, this piece is cheap. You make them with scraps of fabric and is so cute. Let’s learn? The complete DIY Basket Pin Cushion pattern is available at In Sewing Times. There’s a video tutorial too. See it a first time and then just start your art. Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments!

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