Charm Leaf Tutorial – Free Pattern

Hey my loves! How is everything there? We’re starting another week and we’re going to learn a lot of amazing models together. We hope you took advantage of the weekend to recover your energies and start another inspired week. Come learn the Charm Leaf tutorial with us, stay here. Look how amazing these leaves are, very perfect with all the details of the real leaves. 

They look like real fall leaves sewn into the fabric, forming beautiful pieces to decorate our home. Like this table runner. Have you noticed how the table runner makes a difference in the decoration of the environment? You can find in the simplest to the most exquisite decorations. Use it during meals at the table set, or when the furniture is not in use, just as a decorative center. 

In addition to making the environment much more charming, romantic and cozy, it is usually considered the highlight of the decoration of most tables. You con combine with other items such as candles, picture frames or vases of flowers. In addition, you can also decide between a longer and more traditional table runner. Ideal for a long table, or other more innovative ones, made in different formats. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Anjeanette Klinder

This is just an idea of ​​a piece you can make with the charm leaf. As it is made separately, with the union of very small blocks, you can use it in bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths, plate mat. There are many ideas, ranging from a detail in the piece to the entire design, repeating the same pattern several times. Ready to start? In Anjeanette Klinder you will find the entire tutorial with tips to assemble the charm leaf. It’s not the easiest pattern to make, but it’s far from very difficult. 

You would see that you need little fabric and that you can combine different colors and prints. The important thing is to maintain the contrast between the fabrics used to make the leaf and those on the background, which will compose the rest of the piece. We hope you like it and enjoy all the tips that we can use in other pieces as well. Ready to sew? Let’s go!

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