Benny The Seal – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Another amazing week we’re having around here. We hope you are also making the most of it, making beautiful pieces for you, to sell, to give as gifts. Encouraging you to keep going, let’s learn Benny The Seal. Another beautiful amigurumi to decorate the house. Children love it, whether to play or decorate the room, even more if it matches the decor theme.

But not only for them, I have a beautiful collection of amigurumis and I am very happy with each new piece that I finish. If you still don’t know, amigurumi is a craft technique that is capable of creating several little animals, as well as stars, flowers, dolls among many other things using few materials. In addition to gifting or creating for yourself, amigurumi is a great craft opportunity for extra income.

Usually made with cotton threads, amigurumis can have the most varied colors and shapes. But they have some characteristics that make them unmistakable. One of them is that pets usually have spherical and cylindrical shapes. Another particularity is the large head and eyes, evident in relation to the rest of the body. Amigurumis are also short, their size varies between 10 and 30 centimeters.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Elisa’s Crochet

At first the amigurumi technique can scare beginners. In fact, it’s important to have some knowledge of crochet before starting, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make an amigurumi. The recipe for success is persistence and dedication, even if you have to start from scratch. As for the materials needed to make the amigurumi, you will only need thread, needles and acrylic filler. Some other additional materials needed are scissors, tape measure, buttons, felt and glue to finish off the pets.

These are simple tips, but they make a difference when crocheting. All rounds of benny the seal are available in Elisa’s Crochet. You will see that you need to understand the abbreviations to understand the pattern, but the meanings are also there at the beginning. We hope you like it, enjoy it and make this amigurumi. Was there any doubt? Come chat with us here in the comments.

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