Gnome Sweet Gnome – Free Pattern

Hello my loved ones! We were so happy to have your company here with us. Each pattern that we bring here is to inspire you, to bring you a new source of income and a new model to decorate your home. Thinking about making everything more colorful, let’s learn how to make Gnome Sweet Gnome together. Another very colorful and full of life piece to brighten the environment.

It is a model that tends to be more thematic. All made in appliqués and everyone can make this piece. Stay here with us to check out the whole step by step. If you are already used to sewing, this pattern will not bring you many surprises. The appliqués are usually a little more work than the blocks that we just assemble, sew the fabric scraps. Because they have different formats, a little practice when cutting makes the process easier.

But this you acquire over time, testing new patterns and new models. At the sewing stage, you will see that it is not so difficult either. Because it is an item that is mostly used as decoration, you don’t need to wash the fabrics before starting to sew. But ironing them is always interesting, because it makes the fabric smoother. You will see that it will be easier to make the markings, the cuts and even the sewing.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

In the last block you can see a Christmas tree. It may seem far away, but we are less than four months away from that special date. If you’re thinking of selling some items at that time, it’s time to assemble some models and offer them to your customers as well. Following the instructions of gnome sweet gnome you will assemble a piece of 13-1/2×42-1/2″, with each block measuring 11″ square, 11×16″.

As for the colors and prints, try to make the most different combinations and make everything more cheerful. The complete pattern is available at All People Quilt. Measurements include 1/4″ seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated. In addition you learn to prepare the appliqué as well. Do you have any doubts, suggestions, tell us here in the comments. We will be very happy to have your feedback. Now, let’s quilt!

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