Cool Blocks Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Another day, another new pattern here. We didn’t show up for a few days, but not without practicing. We hope that you have also managed to keep your crafts up to date. Today we came here to share a beautiful pattern, the Cool Blocks Quilt. Yes, another quilt, but with new tips, new instructions and a new pattern. This quilt is very beautiful, full of colors, prints and effects.

I believe you have already noticed that each quilt has a special touch. Also, as an artisan does it in a way and in the patterns we can see that. Each one comes with a new tip, an instruction that can help you, that fits your way of quilting. And only with practice and patience will we be able to evolve, quilt better and better. I come to remind you of a very important thing too, don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Everyone has their own process. Just don’t give up or get discouraged, we’re here to help. So stay with us to learn one more pattern. To make this quilt, you will need make blocks first, a very common shape that we already find in other patterns. You will do it in stages, one block at a time. What you can do is cut everything at once and separate the materials from each block.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Free Spirit Fabrics

Do you have doubts about the clippings? It has the template in the pattern. You can print, cut and make markings on fabrics. In this pattern you will see colorful prints and vibrant color’s fabrics. But you know this is an idea, a suggestion. You can do it the same way, there you have all the fabrics that were used as a suggestion. But you can make your combinations too.

Enjoy the colors that are in the environment and put your creativity into action. Shall we quilt? Come check out the cool blocks quilt pattern at Free Spirit Fabrics. The step-by-step guide with suggestions, templates and instructions is available in pdf. You can download and save it to have whenever you need it. If you have any doubts or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Let’s quilt!

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