Little Stars Border – Crochet Ending Pattern

Hi everyone, what a pleasure to welcome you here at Crochet Loves once again. I am very happy to be remembered by you when it comes to crafts. Everything here is made and separated with great care, always thinking about encouraging you to create the most incredible pieces. Do you feel all that affection on the other side? I hope so. You know that detail that makes all the difference? An additional to enhance each pattern even more?


Those are the crochet borders, they change the whole piece. And there are many options, but today we are going to learn Little Stars Border. It’s a very delicate point, perfect to use wherever you want.


The crochet edge is a technique used to decorate your pieces, giving them a beautiful, sophisticated and colorful finish. It can be used on rugs, tea towels, towels and even some clothes, among other pieces.

That way, you have a wide variety of ways to use this crochet craft. In general, there’s no secret: you can do it at home, improve your towels and clothes and you can even turn it into a source of income at the end of the month. Want to learn how to crochet the beak? Let’s teach! You will need the basic crochet supplies: crochet hook, scissors, yarn and the piece you are going to add the border to.

Little Stars Crochet Border – Raffamusa

These materials are very easy to find. It is possible to buy the needle and thread at any trimming, sewing or even stationery store. The fabric to be decorated is up to you, as well as the color of the thread for the crochet beak. Remember that the numbering of the crochet needle depends on the chosen yarn, but you must already be tired of knowing this. This edge has a very delicate touch and is perfect for baby items.

If you have any superhero towels lying around, the little stars go great with Wonder woman. See how different ideas are, but does the border go with everything? This is the wonder of crochet, it is very versatile. Let’s start? In Raffamusa you will find the description of all rounds with photos of each step. I hope you like it and make the most of all the tips there. Let’s practice, come crochet.

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