Elegant Crochet Shawl

Hello everybody! Good to see you here after this time. I hope you have not taken vacations and have continued to practice crafts. But of course, without that charge that makes everything more tiring. Practicing makes all the difference and I’m sure you’ve noticed that out there too.

I missed showing up here and being able to share my experiences in the world of handicrafts. We don’t stop here for many days, always looking for the best to share with you. I know that you also know how elegant crochet can be, so we want to show you the Elegant Crochet Shawl.

The shawl is a third piece that is often undervalued. Here we don’t do that. This piece is very beautiful and elegant, going through all possible occasions. When we talk about crocheting, a craft technique that ends up having a more rustic look, so as not to lose its elegance, pay close attention to the chosen yarn.

crochet shawl free pattern

Elegant Crochet Shawl // Craft Blog

As much as the strings are very welcome and it is an easy yarn to work with, here they are not very welcome. Finer yarns give even more delicacy and elegance to the shawl. You need to choose quality materials. To see all the details of this crochet stitch, which are so beautiful, choose yarns like the one in the pattern.

This piece can be made in different sizes and varies greatly according to the taste of the person who will use it. You can see that a flower is added in each round, in between the others. That’s simple. When it’s time to finalize, the pattern gives you all the details of the final round. And let’s agree that this color is stunning. It runs away from the traditional, white, black, but does not leave the common piece. Still with personality and highlights of everything. So, did we convince you to start crocheting? I’m sure yes, come on.

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