Bean Crochet Stitch – Free Pattern

Shall we go for another stitch of this beautiful technique that is crochet? This is the Bean Crochet Stitch, another versatile stitch that you will learn. I believe that in addition to the beauty, the texture that this stitch brings to the pieces is incredible. You can use it to make bags, accents on garments like coats and sweaters. Baby dresses are a charm, they are voluminous and make our little ones look like princesses.

Also, as the pattern suggests, you can make a cute blanket with the bean crochet stitch. I know that looking at the pictures, you might think stitching is difficult, just like I did.But make no mistake, it’s a lot easier than it looks. Take a piece of thread you have lying around, some leftover from another project and test.

Once you understand the step-by-step stitch, choose the thread you will use on the blanket or another piece, and start your project. The colors depend a lot on the personal taste of whoever makes or receives the piece.


If you are going to make a blanket, think about the decoration of the environment where you intend to place the piece.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: DIYfashionhub

If it’s a more discreet environment, make the piece in one or two colors. You can choose a color and change the tones as you go through the rounds. It will have a gradient effect, super elegant and beautiful. To make this stitch, we have separated the pattern that brings an easy to understand step by step, and is available on DIYfashionhub.


Always read and understand how the rounds are formed. It’s much easier that way, so you won’t be interrupting your work in the middle. Now let’s crochet? That’s the best part. Don’t forget to tell us what it was like to make this work of art. Crafts are very beautiful and inspiring, so leave your comment to inspire other artisans to continue with this beautiful technique.

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