Hanging Storage Baskets – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! You know that, at home, there is always something that ends up being out of place. It’s really hard to keep everything organized, but if we have some organizing items, everything is a little simpler. Hanging Storage Baskets is a pattern that, in addition to decorating the environment, is another place for you to store things. It’s a very beautiful piece, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

You can do it with the most varied colors and prints. Take the opportunity to match the environment in which you want to place it. These organizers look amazing and are useful in many environments. You can use them in bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, playroom, outdoors. We always have something that doesn’t fit into the environment and, inside the baskets, it will be more discreet and organize the room.

As for the sizes, the baskets in the pattern are not small. It’s a good size that you can fit a lot of stuff. Baskets that are too deep can make it difficult to find what you need. Choose smaller sizes and make more baskets. To make these baskets you don’t need much practice, the step by step is not difficult. The materials are not very different from what we are used to sewing.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: U Create

You will need cafe rod, or curtain rod. Take the opportunity to combine different colors, leaving the baskets colorful and very fun to encourage children to play and organize toys. The complete hanging storage baskets pattern is available at U Create. All the step by step, sewing instructions, material list and measurements are there to help you.

It’s a great gift option, to sell or to have at home. So, did you like it? We are sure it will be very useful for you too. Tell us what you think here. We are always looking forward to your feedback. It is always very gratifying to have you here with us, looking for new crafts and different ideas. If you have any suggestions, leave them here too. We wish you all a great weekend.

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