True Morris Quilt

To make a patchwork, you do not need many materials and you can still use fabric flaps that you have at home and do not know what to do with them.

Here in this article I will teach you how to do quilt without too many complications and make you fall in love with this technique that is bringing many fans around the world. This site was created by a good-hearted person and hopes to help you to have no more doubts.

Once you have decided on your project, divide it into squares of 15-30 cm (which we will call blocks). Do not forget to include the seam mark on all designs. Working individually on each block is easier than making a quilt at one go.Let’s leave a tip for you: before creating any work, we advise you to leave all materials separate to make it easier to create.

Pass your fabrics and let them align and separate. Cut the fabrics into the necessary shapes according to your design, with the help of the cutter and cutting base. After you have made all the pieces, place them on a flat surface or on the floor to check the pattern. From that point on, he had begun to see the project taking shape. Use your imagination and play with colors, doing an original work with a unique touch. Do not be afraid to dare to choose colors.

Now it’s time to start sewing. Right side with the right side of the fabric, pass a straight seam with a small point of your machine, I usually use stitch 2 or 3, not to loose easily, but this goes from every artisan, and how she prefers to sew.

You do not have to step back when you join. I usually open the seams at all times to make it easier to fold the quilt. Soon you will see your work taking shape and you can already imagine it finalized.

Repeat the procedure until you form a block (one block is a square of the entire project). When all the blocks are ready, sew them according to your design. The top of your quilt is made. Iron to seat all seams.

After the top of your quilt is ready. It’s time to put together some sandwiches with the upper lining + Manta +. One tip to make this process easier is to open your quilt on the floor.

Cut the blanket to be filling your quilt with an extra 4 inches and the liner is 6 inches longer. Now place the liner first on the floor with the front of the fabric on the floor, then open the blanket above and finally open the top of the blanket and the liner.

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