Love To Stitch Block Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! It’s always very gratifying to see you around here, looking for new handcrafts to learn how to make. And with us it’s like this, another day another beautiful pattern to learn together. Today we are going to learn a new block pattern, Love to Stitch. This block is charming, has a romantic touch and is very delicate.

I’m sure you’ll be able to combine it with several different decorations and environments. It is a very delicate block that is perfect in a baby room, in the decoration of a more cozy environment. You can sew several blocks together with other strips, plain squares and make a quilt. After all, the sky is the limit.

At first it may seem difficult to come up with new combinations or see where to combine the piece. But with practice, seeing new decorations of environments, we get more creative. Just like sewing, creativity also comes from practice. We can see color combinations in nature, in a daytime scene, in a movie, in an outfit.

Image / Tutorial / Pattern: Flamingo Toes

Everything can be a reason to inspire you to create new pieces. Blocks don’t need a lot of fabric and you can use scraps of fabric left over from another project. When you start making the cuts, start with the biggest ones. If something goes wrong, you can still repurpose it to make the smaller cuts. To make the love to stitch you will need the basic materials. All of them are described in the pattern, in Flamingo Toes, along with the measurements and the step by step.

Cut it all out, assemble it to see if the combinations suit you and then start the sewing part. We hope that this quilt block will be useful, that it will inspire you to continue making such beautiful crafts. Feel proud of each piece, we’re sure there’s a lot of love dedicated to each one.

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