Feathered Star Quilt Pattern

Hello friends, welcome to our site, we will learn another amazing pattern..I bring to you today a beautiful pattern that I am even lost in choosing the models of stars, because they are inumerous patterns with tips, This pattern is not difficult only is full of details but nothing impossible.

I like the way the fabrics are arranged, it gives me a great satisfaction, and I hope it awakens that in you too.

We can choose a combination of colors so we can do a great job, combination of two or three look beautiful but nothing prevents from being more colors, which you prefer.

The good thing about craftsmanship is that we can make the pieces with our face and our favorite colors, combinations that we can make for decoration or referring to the sex of the person whether it is man or woman. Are you eager to learn? so let’s go there

Below are photos of models to be inspired and combinations of colors and a video with part 1 and 2 of this project and I leave you the link in the name just click and you have the other videos to finish the project. Enjoy and good work, it’s worth it.

      Pattern Free — Feathered Star Quilt Pattern 

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