3 Hour Rag Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Another week starting and knowing that we have you here with us is very rewarding. Each pattern that we test and are delighted with the work is thinking of you, of being able to share and being able to provide such a cool experience. Today we are going to learn another quilt pattern, the 3 Hour Rag Quilt. These quilt models have a very different texture from the more classic ones.

In quilting, we usually take care that the seam is smooth, with no excess at the seams of the patchwork. And when that happens, it’s inside out and the back of the quilt hides this detail. This quilt is quite different, we want the seam to have an apparent excess on the front of the quilt. You can trim or fray the edge with other materials. This is the great differential of this quilt and we are sure you noticed and came here looking for how to do it.

As much as the name says that the quilt can be done in three hours, don’t make it your goal. Do according to your time, your practice in cutting and sewing and don’t rush. Some people can do it in less time, others in more, but this is not a competition. Do according to your limit and enjoy this moment. Put on a song that inspires you and start your project. The flaps used in this quilt are larger, reducing the amount of sewing required.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Bright Green Door

3 Hour Rag Quilt Materials Needed:

As for the materials needed, you can find the list below:

  • A piece of batting that is 40.5″ x 42″
  • 1.5 yards flannel
  • 1.5 yards coordinating flannel

The 3 Hour Rag Quilt pattern is available at Bright Green Door. We hope you make beautiful combinations and make the most of this pattern to create beautiful pieces. We’re here to help you, so let us know what you think in the comments. Let’s make a week full of joy and beautiful crafts together.

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