Broken Dishes Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Shall we quilt? We brought another beautiful pattern to share with you, an inspiration to decorate and complete the baby trousseau. The Broken Dishes Baby Quilt is charming, a simple pattern, but no less beautiful. The entire quilt was made with pastel tones, fabrics of “calm” colors. This quilt is assembled by blocks. You will sew four triangles, two, three or four different colors.

Then the blocks are joined into strips and lastly, each of the strips is sewn together to form the quilt. The blocks are a little smaller than others we are used to, so it will take a little more work. But you can see in the photos that it is worth all the effort, the quilt is incredible. The pattern doesn’t use many different colors to make a connection between the different blocks and look how amazing it looks.

In this quilt, the artisan chose not to use prints. You can choose a print if you want to use it, but keep in mind that the result will be different. The quilts are classic, incredible pieces that make our living room, our bedroom cozier, more tidy. And in the baby trousseau, it makes a lot of difference. It can be placed in the bedroom as a decoration item and used on colder days.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Purl Soho

You can leave it to cover the little one’s crib or snuggle it on your lap. When making for babies, choose fabrics that are soft to the touch and won’t irritate or scratch their skin. Because they are more sensitive, some care should be rethought. Before using the quilt, after it is ready, wash it with the necessary care. As much as we take care when making it, it’s always good to wash to remove dust from the fabrics, threads that may be loose.

The broken dishes baby quilt pattern is available in Purl Soho. Following the steps you will assemble a 40-inch square quilt. Need a bigger quilt? Smaller? You will need to increase or decrease the number of blocks. It’s that simple. Tell us what you think here in the comment pattern you want to learn, tell us here too.

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