Off Kilter Quilt

The curtain is the element that has a very important function in the decoration and protection against ambient light. In addition to bringing aesthetics it offers warmth to residents, composing with the environments and bringing exclusivity to the spaces.

When designing your curtain there is a lot of information that requires some care, analyzing the finish, fabrics, models and measurements.

This whole set must match the decoration of the space, so it is one of the last items of decoration. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Off Kilter Quilt. To help you out here are some important tips for you not to get lost when choosing:

The plaster lining on the ceiling guarantees a finish to hide the curtain rail, called by many as a curtain. It can be applied in any environment and is designed at the time of construction. Studying the incidence of lighting is essential to know if you will need more than one layer of fabric in the environment where you want to place the curtain.

Blackout is ideal in this situation, and in the rooms it has a great function, it helps by making the room very dark, perfect for bedtime. The fabric of the curtain should be light so choose voile, lace, silk, straw, linen, twill, crepe or velvet. Everything will depend on the elements present in the environment.

Free Available Pattern: Off Kilter Quilt

The bars are the most used support in the environment. It has different sizes and materials: chrome, wood and painted with paints. The finishes most used to attach the curtain to the rail are through fabric, rings, eyelets, solid fabric, pleats or bows.

There is no rule of thumb which to use in each environment it will depend on the preference of the resident, choose the model that you like best and combine with the environment in which you will place it.

The traditional curtain is the most common and goes from the most straight and bulky, light and full-bodied, basic and refined. To better understand about the curtain models we have separated some ideas that you can use with this incredible piece that makes all the difference in space.

How about a colored curtain in the white bathroom, or a green print curtain in a rustic bathroom, a shower curtain or even a curtain with a brown bar.

If you have not decided yet, here are some more ideas: Yellow curtain with silver rod, Tricolor curtain for double room, Curtain to share the room, Curtain with blue, brown and white stripe, White curtain with black rod, White curtain for bathroom with metal hook, plaster curtain, curtain with sheer fabric combined with gray fabric, linen curtain on the rail, white sheer curtain, beige curtain with plaster finish and curtain with glass partition.

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