Bold Graphic Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! How are you? We’re halfway through another week and today couldn’t be different, we have another beautiful pattern to share. Bold Graphic Quilt is perfect for you who need a super modern model. This quilt can be made to hang on the wall, decorating the environment and leaving everything with a touch of color and graphic effect.

In addition to being able to use in the most traditional ways too. Whether in the bedroom, leaving our super cozy and elegant bed, or on the sofa in the living room. It’s a beautiful and modern model that, as much as it doesn’t look like it, is easy to make. The shapes you will need to cut are squares and rectangles. In this quilt, what you need to be careful about are the colors you choose.

If you’re afraid to change the colors and it doesn’t have the same graphic effect, do it with the same colors as the patterns. Grey, white and black are classic, elegant and very modern colors. They match almost any environment and bring a touch of sophistication to your home. You can make the quilt for yourself, for sale, or as a gift for a loved one. In any case, whoever receives it will be very happy to have such a beautiful item to use in their home decor.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hunker

As for the fabrics chosen, we advise you to wash the fabrics before starting to make the cuts. That way, if the fabric shrinks, it won’t damage your quilt. Wash dark fabrics separately from lighter ones. Dark colors can loosen excess ink and stain light fabrics. Then iron the fabric and start making the markings and cuts. In the pattern, available at Hunker, you will find the size of the cutouts and the step by step to assemble the quilt.

The bold graphic quilt will be very successful, we are sure you will love it. It’s easy to make, looks modern and beautiful and you’ll love having another new model to share with your friends. We hope to know what you think here in the comments, we are very happy with your feedback. Ready? Let’s quilt!

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