Calypso Quilt – Free Pattern

How about giving your room an island vibe with a tropical print? That’s what the Calypso quilt pattern offers. just looking at the photos we already have the impression that it is a beach room. Best impossible feeling, of always being relaxing. The prints and colors are the main point in the quilt, which will guarantee this vibe.

But it’s a very personal taste, if you can’t find the same prints, ask for a similar one. Fabric stores today have many options, we want to buy a little bit of all of them. Good thing we have a lot of quilt patterns, you can use almost any pattern in stores. After choosing fabrics, don’t forget to wash them before you start cutting.

Remove any excess paint before making the smaller cuts. It makes the process a lot easier if you do it that way. It also prevents one fabric from staining the other. Various quilts, various decorations. The quilt makes all the difference in the environment, especially in the bedroom, that’s why they are so successful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Have you ever thought about making these quilts to sell? Here in my neighborhood, it is a success. At craft fairs, it is a piece that always guarantees good sales. If you enjoy sewing as a hobby, be sure to practice every day. Our sewing is straighter and we are more confident and prouder of our projects.

The full calypso quilt pattern is available at All People Quilt. In addition to the step by step, you will have access to the list of materials, the amount of fabrics, the size of the cutouts and the diagrams. We are very happy to have you here, with beautiful projects and different craft techniques. I hope that, just as it is for us, you will also be inspired and have fun making art.

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