Country Winter – Quilt Pattern

Ever thought you needed a quilt for a cozy place? We have the perfect model for you, the Country Winter. This quilt is perfect for you who want to leave your bed with a delicate and super cozy touch. And not just the quilt, in the pattern you will learn to make the items that complement the decor, the winterland retreat pillowcase, bedskirt, and the pillow.

Every room decor is guaranteed with this pattern. If you can’t find the same fabric, with the same pattern, choose similar colors. You can choose similar tones and match them with the prints that are available. Regardless of the color you choose, remember to always wash all fabrics before quilting. By doing this, you avoid ink stains that one fabric can transfer to another.

Iron, cut and start assembling the quilt. If you’ve never sewn before, you can start with this pattern. The cuts are very easy, straight cuts. Also, the stitching follows the same pattern. If you don’t already have a lot of materials, for example the rotary cutter, use scissors. It may take a little longer, but the result will be the same.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

The designs are also not small to assemble the pattern, making the quilt pattern easier for beginners. In the pattern you will find fabric suggestions, but always choose fabrics that are of good quality. They should be comfortable, not rough or hard. In the end, you will have a quilt measuring 86×104″.

Because it has all the step by step, being a complete pattern, you can make the pieces according to what you like. Go little by little too, start with the pillow case. See the combination and move on to the larger pieces. The entire country winter pattern is available in All People Quilt, with diagrams that help a lot during the realization of the project.

It’s always so nice to have you here and be able to share our experiences and indicate the best patterns. Don’t forget to leave your opinion here in the comments, we are very happy to read them all. Now, with all the materials separated, time to quilt!

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