Checkerboard Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How is your week going? We hope to find you all well. After these days without showing up here, we were already missing you and looking forward to sharing new patterns with you. How about learning a new quilt to decorate your home? The Checkerboard Quilt is yet another charming pattern. With delicate colors and a simple pattern, this quilt will look perfect in your home.

Quilts play a very important role in decoration and we often don’t give much value to this item. The most common use is in the bed, decorating the room. It makes the environment more cozy, more tidy, looking like a hotel room. To complement the decor, how about making a pillowcase with colors that complement the decor? Pillows are also very welcome. You can also place it in the living room, on the sofa, on the armchair or in a basket in the corner of the room.

So whenever you need to snuggle up, just pull the quilt. We can leave it outdoors too, in the backyard. It’s perfect for setting up that amazing picnic with the kids. You can already see how versatile quilts are, right? Checkerboard is made in blocks, as are most quilts. Each one is 5-1⁄4″ square, and sewing them together creates a 68-1⁄4″ square quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

At first glance, it looks like each square is cut and sewn one by one. That would be a lot of work. In the pattern you will see that it is faster to quilt than you might think. As for the colors, the model follows a colored, a light color. You can go like this, use some pattern. The important thing is to keep the backing between the fabrics that are close, to emphasize all the squares. Come check out the complete Checkerboard Quilt pattern in All People Quilt.

 List of materials, measurements, diagrams and cutting and sewing tips. How about making this quilt and gifting a dear friend? I’m sure they will love it. We are very grateful to have you here with us. We are always looking for the most complete patterns to share with you. Let us know if there’s anything you want to learn here in the comments. We will be very happy to help with whatever you need. Let’s quilt!

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