Snowy Village Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Another week coming to an end, but we didn’t forget to come here and share a new pattern with you. We are very happy to know that you count on us, come to us when you want to learn a new pattern. And thinking about the weekend, let’s learn the Snowy Village Crochet Blanket. You will see that this blanket is full of details that make everything even more special.

Crocheting has become therapy for many people, especially after the times we’ve been through. A distraction while we were at home made this technique even more popular. This is very good for everyone. With more practitioners, new stiches and models appear and we can evolve even more. Crochet blankets are classic pieces. Many people start crocheting by making blankets.

This model, as much as it seems to have many details, it is not difficult. With the crochet we managed to make soft, malleable and very cozy blankets.


Not to mention that, if made with wool, they are very warm, perfect for the coldest days. With this pattern you can follow the same chosen yarn colors. If you have any yarn left over from another project, you can take advantage of it and use it in the details of this blanket.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

To make all the details stand out, remember to choose different colors. As for the size, if you need a bigger blanket, you don’t need to change the village pattern. Keep the same size and increase the amount of points for the rest. Blanket is worked diagonally from corner to corner. When working from Chart, wind small balls of the colors to be used, one for each separate area of ​​color in the design.


Following the instructions described in the pattern you will make a 127 x 150 cm blanket. Ready to start crocheting? The snowy village crochet blanket pattern is available at Yarnsporations. Steps, tips, materials, yarn suggestions and abbreviations are there. Before crocheting, read the pattern a first time. Then just follow the instructions and rock. If you have any doubts, ask us here in the comments. May we all have a great weekend!

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