Mini Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready to learn another beautiful pattern? Each quilt has a different charm and with today’s model, it couldn’t be different. The Mini Star Quilt is wonderful, a quilt full of color and with a very different design. Quilts are part of the decoration of numerous environments. Whether in the living room, covering the sofa or arranged in an armchair or basket.

You can use it in bedrooms too, to decorate the bed and leave the room well put. You can use them in open areas and even take them on picnics. There are many ideas and, if you don’t have any quilts yet, try your first one and see how easy and fun it is. Crafts should be fun. As much as it is your profession, that you place orders, enjoy this time, use your creativity and venture into new combinations.

This quilt is made in different colors and you can follow the same pattern as the designer. If you want a bedspread with more discreet tones, you can choose pastel tones or do it with more sober colors, white, black, gray. There are many variations and, depending on the occasion, you can choose the colors that best match. When starting to cut out, always start with the biggest ones.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Jahit

If any mistakes happen, you can still take advantage of this piece to cut the smaller pieces, without waste. As for the size of the quilt, as it is made in blocks, it is easy to change it. To increase or decrease, just make blocks more or less than the orders in the pattern. After the first block, you will see that it is not difficult and you will complete the quilt without difficulty.

How about taking the weekend to learn this quilt? You can find the mini star quilt pattern at Sew Jahit. The step by step, measurements and diagrams are available for you to rock and make this beautiful piece. Don’t forget to come back here and tell us how it was and what you thought. We are very happy with your feedback. We wish you all a great weekend. Take the opportunity to recharge your energies and get close to the ones you love. Next week we’re back with lots of beautiful ideas to share.

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