Lily Pad Baby Quilt

As cold weather approaches, many people look for ways to keep the house warm and cozy, whether for special occasions, small meetings or just to make everyday life more enjoyable. A great option for the environments to be more warm and comfortable is the installation of a fireplace. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Lily Pad Baby Quilt.

Gone is the time when having a fireplace meant living in a house with a chimney, having a reserved space for storing logs and a long manual lighting job, believe me. Now, those who live in apartments also have this right, thanks to the evolution in models that use gas, alcohol and even electricity as the main fuel to work, do not smoke and combine with various types of properties.

One of the best options is the gas model. Its flame can be made from cooking gas. If you use piped gas at home, just make a connection that takes the fluid to the accessory and that’s it, you have your fireplace. The positive points of this model are the fact that they do not smoke and do not spread dirt through the rooms, since at its base can be used artificial wood or volcanic stones, which withstand high temperatures and distribute the calorie to the apartment. In addition, this is a safe and efficient option.

Before buying a gas model, it is important to highlight some precautions: check if the model you have has a sensor that cuts the gas connection when the flame goes out and see what type of gas should be used (there are fireplaces that only work with natural gas, so you should take a look before you buy). It is worth mentioning the importance of volcanic stones, since they do not have sulfur.

This type is known as ecological. The emission of pollutants is extremely low and a liter of ethanol can last up to 3 hours of operation, which helps a lot. Like gas fireplaces, these models are easy to install, dispense with the need for an exhaust pipe and are good options for apartments.

In terms of fuel, they are the most economical, since it is possible to fill them with alcohol found in supermarkets, pharmacies and cleaning products stores. At home, never use ethanol sold at gas stations, as oil residues emit pollutants that are harmful to health, so remember that.

Electric models work like a heater: the heat is formed by means of energy, they use highly secure accessories as an option for apartments since there is no use of fire, the installation is simple and many models have remote controls, which makes the option even more practical and also very beautiful and modern.

This electric model, like common heaters, draw moisture from the air. Therefore, when using them it is necessary to leave a container with water nearby. Another negative factor is that this model consumes a lot of energy, so, at the end of the month, the electricity bill may surprise you, remember this well.

Free Pattern Available: Lily Pad Baby Quilt

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