Calypso Quilt – Another Wonderful Pattern

Hi everybody! How is everything there? We hope to find everyone well, healthy and eager to learn a new pattern. So stay with us until the end to make the Calypso Quilt, another amazing pattern. Full of tips, instructions and a beautiful color combination, this quilt will look great in your home. Quilts are very easy pieces to combine in all environments. They look good in the living room, in the bedrooms, on the balcony.

And the cool thing is that they don’t just serve as decorative pieces. They are perfect for snuggling up too, whether during a movie, having a coffee, reading a book. And to compose the decor you can add beautiful pillows with colors and prints that match the quilt as well. Let’s talk a little about sizes? The quilts can be of different sizes, especially due to the ease of changing sizes during assembly. Here we are talking about a quilt measuring approximately 86″ x 110″.

Like most, the calypso quilt is made in blocks. In these cases, the easiest thing is to increase or decrease the number of blocks. I’ve already tried changing the size of the blocks to keep the same amount in the final quilt, but trust me, it’s not worth the trouble. You already have all the instructions and perfect measurements to assemble the block, following them there is no mistake.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fabri-Quilt

If you are thinking about decorating the bedroom and need a larger quilt to cover the entire bed, increase the number of blocks. Keep in mind that you can try to keep the shape of the quilt, as well as increasing just one row and having a square quilt. Imagine what best matches your needs and get to work. Taking advantage of the fact that we are at the end of the year, when we exchange gifts, why not present a loved one with this beautiful quilt?

In these cases, try to bet on more traditional colors and prints, more classic tones. Unless you are intimate and know the person’s tastes well, then take the risk to please them. Anyway, there’s no way not to fall in love with such a gift. Shall we begin? The calypso quilt pattern can be found at Fabri-Quilt. Reading the pattern the first time, checking and separating all the materials, there is no way to go wrong. And if you have any doubts, come talk to us here in the comments. Come on, let’s quilt!

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