Around the Bases Crochet

Hello craftsmen … Welcome to our site where we always leave new and current patterns for all of you, and I come to bring another step by step Crochet! We always leave you new to the world of crafts that we are passionate about and is our favorite hobby.

I always bring news about crochet and patchwork, all the news, tips and step by step with all the necessary instructions to increase your skills, so today I bring another pattern of crochet, which in the case I think is wonderful and very sophisticated and modern.

Learn and succeed with your handmade creations. Today we will learn how to make a pattern that I think is wonderful that is called Around-the-Bases, it is a crochet point sampler that turns a quilt

The central block being a mandala that will give continuity to the quilt with another pattern available below also can be a beautiful gift of quilt or blanket, and this block is the favorite of an Afghan. People love this block so it would be a tip for anyone who has a craft store to have an Afghan with that block.

This pattern can be made with any square pattern or rectangle, using any yarn weight. It was originally published as a crochet along (CAL) in 2015.

The CAL is over, but we leave here for you all the information you need to make this project wonderful and fun!

This pattern in the picture above is in this color tone color but you can do it in other colors as you like, as I also left other color pictures as a model, do with your favorite or in combination with your decoration.

I am passionate about Afghan and its several handicraft people and even our readers who love us also love this pattern, the center is wonderful and ends like a quilt or blanket or even covers sofa.

So choose your favorite colors and good work. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Below I leave the step by step with all the information of size and lines as well. Good luck in this adventure and to the next subject. 

There are several Patterns for this point we indicate 2 Tutorials for you to follow  Around-the-Bases Made by keitopalette.

If you want to choose more about the line you choose for this pattern here is for you: TYH Supplies 50 Skeins Acrylic Yarn Assorted Colors. 

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>>Full Tutorial Patterns☞ Around the Bases Crochet 

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