Bernat Baby Bargello Crochet Blanket

The decoration for the living room signed by the architect Gislaine Garonce highlights the classic touch of the professional. With elegant furniture and sober colors, Gislaine bet on accessories, such as paintings and objects from the coffee table, to bring color to the environment, all designed in black and in different shades of ivory and bronze. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will learn how to make a beautiful Bernat Baby Bargello Crochet Blanket.

Among the striking choices chosen for the room are arabesque wallpaper and mirrored furniture, which in addition to giving charm to the space, also provides the feeling of spaciousness, which is great.

The black carpet was another choice of Gislaine Garonce, which is evident in the project composed of straight and well-marked lines present in the shape of the sofa and the support and center tables, which are also incredible.

The lack of television in the room was purposeful, according to the professional, to promote more interaction among its users, who can choose between two comfortable and spacious sofas that are side by side or between two large sand-colored armchairs, arranged one by one side of the other, to facilitate communication between people and to give an extra charm to the environment.

A suitcase and a chest serve as a side table in the space, which is incredible. Two potted plants are also part of the decoration of the room. In wood and with straight lines, they harmonize perfectly with the other choices, bringing color and lightness to the project signed by Gislaine Garonce.

The lighting, with niches in the ceiling strategically placed, gives the final touch of appreciation to the objects and furniture in the room and makes the environment more beautiful and bright. The points of light are part of the entire space, including on the sides, where they value the cladding and works of art and also in the middle of the space, where they illuminate well the area of ​​common use with white light.

Also at special points, two lamps, which in addition to being decorative pieces, giving the space a touch of refinement, also increase the lighting, which can also be a haven for the exploration of books, which make up the environment, spread across the coffee table , on the side tables and on the sideboard.

Free Pattern Available: Bernat Baby Bargello Crochet Blanket

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