Cabin Fever Blues Quilt

Hello friends of our site, we are going to learn another patchwork pattern today, there is much news for you, come on. The pattern of this matter is called Cabin Fever Blues, wonderful to make a quilt, renew your bedding, innovate.

This project takes time to be great but compensates, every effort has a reward, this pattern Cabin Fever Blues is intermediate level but it does not prevent beginners in this branch try to do also, after all it is a challenge that we are growing and getting to learn skills and experience. The good thing about doing what you love is that you are doing the projects with love.

If you love the classic cabin pattern then you will fall headlong into this completely awesome Cabin Fever Blues pattern, I just loved how fine the final result.

Stands great for the size of a large bed spread, this pattern combines scrap padding with the traditional hut to create a beautiful design to delight with the ultimate designer.

Here below I leave the picture of the final result of this pattern Cabin Fever Blues and then the link just click and have the step by step and all the information to make this beautiful pattern.

Pattern Free PDF ☞ Cabin Fever Blues Quilt

Resultado de imagem para Cabin Fever Blues quilt

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