Tula Pink Color Blocks Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Looking for a colorful project to entertain yourself and decorate your home? We have one that you will fall in love with just like us. Tula Pink Color Blocks is a colorful quilt that mixes prints in a very clever way. Come, stay with us until the end to learn the whole pattern and clear any doubts that may arise. First of all, you know that quilts can be used both to decorate the environment and to snuggle up on days that call for an extra layer of clothing.

Quilts are present in several rooms. Many people like to use it as a decoration in the living room. You can fold them in different ways and position them on the sofa, armchair or even those beautiful baskets that are in the corner of the rooms. In the bedrooms they can also be the decoration of the bed. You can leave it folded at the end or stretched across the bed. For this last option, pay attention to the size of the quilt, see if the number of blocks corresponds to the size of your bed.

Pillows complement this decoration very well, choosing the right colors, everything gets more harmonious and well-groomed. I know that at first this may seem a little complicated, we are afraid that the choices do not match. But this quilt is a little easier. You can see that the colors are separated by blocks. Separate the colored prints, see the predominant colors in each one and start choosing the plain fabrics that will fill the blocks.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

I think this is the basic tip for all combinations, choose a few prints that have the same colors. With practice, you will see how much easier this process becomes. The rest are the basic, step-by-step tips that we already know and practice whenever we find a new quilt. Read the complete pattern a first time before doing anything else. Sort out materials and choose fabrics. Wash the fabrics before starting the cuts to remove excess dye and see if the fabric will shrink.

When making the markings, choose the reverse side of the fabric so you don’t have any problems. When making the cutouts, already cut all the pieces you will need. Make it like an assembly line, you’ll see how much easier it is to do the same process from start to finish and then move on to the next one. Ready to get started? Check out the pink color blocks tula pattern available at Love Crafts. Let’s quilt!

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