Thousand Pyramids Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! How long have we not been here. We missed you and look forward to going back and seeing how you spent that time. Did you train, keep practising? This is the only and the best way to evolve, to make increasingly incredible crafts. Today we are going to learn a new quilt, the Thousand Pyramids. Don’t be alarmed by the name, you won’t need to cut so many pyramids.

This pattern is very beautiful. Mix some formats and create a beautiful design, which can be colored, plain, with prints. The quilts are incredible, classic pieces that change the atmosphere. They make everything cozier, more decorated, happier and more inviting. It’s amazing how a simple different cut, a seam, a different position of the patchwork makes a new design appear in your quilt.

So it is with the thousand pyramids, there are several cutouts that you will join with the seam. As some are small, if you’ve done other projects and have some scraps lying around, how about combining them with the rest? So you reuse, save and you will still have a wonderful quilt. In this quilt you can make many different combinations. A pyramid of each color, a colorful and patterned pyramid.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Take the opportunity to match the colors of the environment, all creativity is very welcome. To make the cut easier, I like to iron the fabric to make it very straight. It is much easier to mark and cut, you will see the difference. The pattern that we separated is available in All People Quilt. There you will find the step by step, the list of materials, the step diagram and several cutting and sewing tips.

If you have any doubts, you know you can always count on us. Tell everything here in the comments, doubts, opinions, suggestions. We’d love to read your feedback. We were very happy to be able to share all this with you, we hope you can feel it on the other side. Read the pattern for the first time, choose and separate the materials and let’s quilt!

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